1.Human Hair Bob Wigs

Bob hairstyle has never gone out of fashion since then. It was created at the beginning of the 20th century, when women decided to say goodbye to traditional long haircuts and boldly cut their hair to chin length. Here are some suggestions for this everlasting hairstyle.

Short bob wigs

missmizz Straight Short Bob Wig Lace Frontal 150% Density Wig Pre Plucked 100% Human Hair Super Soft | missmizz

The short bob is a good choice for women with thin and powerless hair, as it looks voluminous even on straight hair. A short bob with natural waves softens severe facial features, and when combined with bangs, it looks especially youthful and playful. If you want to achieve the effect of fuller hair, you can add superficial highlights that are a few shades lighter than your base color.

Longer Bob Wigs

T Part Straight Hair Short Bob Wig Human Hair Lace Front Wigs 14Inch: missmizz

If you are uncomfortable cutting your hair into a short bob, the lob is an excellent compromise. You can achieve the haircut change you want without too much risk, and you can still wear your hair in a ponytail or half chignon.
A straight lob looks elegant and youthful at the same time. If your hair is naturally wavy or “unruly”, this length is ideal for you, as soft waves will add femininity and charm to your face with minimal effort.

Tiered bob wigs

30 Layered Inverted Bob Hairstyles for Flattering Looks missmizz

Strands of different lengths give volume to your hair and shape a beautiful profile of your head. Shorter in the back, longer around the face – a layered bob is always interesting, whether you wear your hair straight or with waves.
If you’re brave, you can opt for very short hair at the nape of your neck and shoulder-length hair in the front: It can be more challenging to style, but you will always stand out.

2. How to choose a natural bob wig that flatters the shape of the face?


Heart shaped face

The Most Flattering Haircuts for Heart-Shaped Faces | Southern Living

Women with heart-shaped faces should consider haircuts that frame their pretty cheekbones while adding fullness to the area where the chin appears narrow.
A fluttery bob that adds fullness to the lower half of the face and visually minimizes the wide forehead is ideal for this face shape, as is a fringe combed to the side. The bob should not be shorter than chin length.

Round face

How to Slim Down a Round Face - PureWow

Women with round faces often believe that they need to wear long hair to elongate their face. However, a well-shaped bob hairstyle that is no longer than chin-length can suit round faces and give them a youthful look.
If you want to make your face look longer, cut your hair no shorter than chin length and part it to the side. Asymmetrical hairstyles also flatter this face shape.

Elongated face

Hairstyles For Long Faces 2021: Top Suitable Updos For Oblong Face Type (52 Photos + Videos)

An elongated face can definitely look oval with the right haircut. A chin-length bob creates the illusion of width, making your face appear visually shorter.
Bangs and slight waves add volume to the hair and visually shorten the face. Therefore, women with longer facial features should wear playful, shorter and voluminous bob hairstyles.

Oval face

Glasses for Oval Faces - the Best Frame Shapes | EyeBuyDirect

If you have an oval face, you can wear almost all shapes and lengths of bob hairstyles and be as creative as you want.
A bob with sharp edges will accentuate the haircut itself, while natural waves will add romance and femininity to any occasion. Bold ladies can opt for a big, voluminous bob, or try a shorter bob with big curls for a playful look.

Square face

50 Best Haircuts for Square Faces That Definitely Work - Hair Adviser

Curly locks below the chin soften the sharp jawlines and soften the square face shape. Bob hairstyles just below the chin draw attention to the center of the face, which means they accentuate your eyes.
Bold bob hairstyles with uneven strands that hug the face also soften the square face shape, and the parting should be moved from the center to the side to break the square structure and strict impression.
Bangs can also visually outline the square face, but should not be too short or too wide – it is best if they are cut in the eye line.

3. How to wear your human hair bob wig?

Putting on a wig is a pretty simple concept. It’s just like putting on a cap or skullcap. Place the wig at the back of your head and guide it forward to your hairline. Secure it in place with the combs provided. Depending on the size of your head, you may need to sew on a drawstring (if there is no drawstring) or add more combs to the edge to keep the wig in place and prevent it from lifting off.
When placing the wig on your head, it is important that you place your hairpiece exactly where you want it. Whether you choose a lace front wig or a full lace wig, you can wear it with a center parting or side parts, whichever you prefer.

4.How to secure the human hair bob wig?

Most customers don’t wear anything under their wig and it feels completely secure. However, we know that many of you want a little more security when you wear your wig. Here are some great ways to make your wig extra secure.

Wig Caps

Wig Cap | Party City

With a wig cap under your wig, you can not only prevent your wig from slipping, but also keep your wig clean or catch your hair if it falls out.
Note: Perfect whether you have your own hair or not.

Wig Grab Strap

GEX Wig Grip Band with Swiss Lace for Frontal Lace Wigs Non-Slip Adjustable Breathable Flexible Velvet Head Hairband to Keep Wigs Secured(Dark Brown) - Walmart.com

This is the most popular way to secure your wig: wear it under a wig, scarf or hat to keep it absolutely secure. We use a double-sided material made of crushed velvet, so one side clings to your hair or skin, while the other side sticks to your wig or headpiece. Our band is very comfortable to wear and features an adjustable Velcro closure on the back.
Note: Perfect whether you have your own hair or not.

Metal wig clips

Amazon.com : Wig Clips U-shape Metal Clips Stainless Steel Snap Clips Combs Clips with Soft Rubber for Making Wigs Hair Extensions Clip Ins DIY, 2.8 cm (Brown) : Beauty & Personal Care

Sew into the inside of your wig, then clip into your own hair to keep your wig secure and in place.
Note: You must have your own hair to use these clips.

Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins - 30 Count — RADIANCE SCHOOL of BALLET

Does your wig need a little more security? Lift up some of the hair and insert a few bobby pins directly through the braids of the wig into your own hair. You can also pin to the outside of the wig and to your temples.
Note: You must have your own hair to use the bobby pins.

Double-sided tape

Double Sided Tape with Excellent Adhesion to Rough Surfaces, Such As Polypropylene and Foam Bodies TW-Y01 | Nitto

Use this tape to secure your wig if you feel it is moving and you have no hair. Apply the tape anywhere inside the wig, or cut a piece if you don’t need a whole piece.
Note: It is best to use in places where you do not have hair.


Best Liquid Glue for Art Projects and Crafting – ARTnews.com

Glue is perfect for women who have no hair and need gentle, extra security for their wig. It is a gentle roll-on body glue that washes off with water and leaves no stains. It is very smooth and moves with the skin.
Note: Best used on areas where you have no hair.

5. Buy remy human hair wigs online.

The best thing about beautyforever human hair wigs is that our caps follow a size guide and are tailored to your head to give you the most natural looking wig possible. This reduces the need for glue, bobby pins, combs or a pull string.
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