Tips to keep your wigs

It doesn’t matter if it’s natural or synthetic hair, wigs should be properly maintained to ensure they last for a longer time. So , what can be done for you to keep your wigs longer? In this article, will discover simple and efficient ways that will keep your wigs long lasting.

Don't sleep with your wigs on.

Don’t sleep with your wigs on.

The latest models of wigs that are available offered on the market are comfortable. This means that you can rest in them without feeling uncomfortable. To avoid that your wig getting damaged fast, the best solution is to take it off prior to bedtime.

In fact, when you go to bed hair on the wig gets a lot of friction against the pillowcase. This can cause damage to the hair on hair. In the end, styling the wig is very difficult. Are you a fan of sleeping naked? If so, we suggest bonnets. They come in various colors. nightcaps shield your hair from getting caught on the pillowcase.

Always make sure to use thermal protection agents.

When straightening hair of the wigs, and drying the hair, be sure to make use of heat protection. These are because they can keep your hair from drying out, frizz, or hair breaking. In this way, the wig will keep its shine and shine over time.

Avoid regular cleaning

Avoid regular cleaning

In order to keep the wig in good shape and looking beautiful do not clean it often. Since wearing your wig frequently creates oil in your hair, you should alternate your extensions. This will allow you to break up the cleaning time.

For perfect cleaning, always detangle your hair first. Utilize a hairbrush or fingers to do this. Use cold water to mix in mild shampoo and put your wig in the water. Rinse your wig several time with water that is completely clean. Once done, air dry your wig.

Additionally, when washing, don’t make use of hot water. Don’t rub the hair. In fact, rubbing can be the main cause of wear and tear on the hair.

Make sure you use the correct products to keep your wig looking great.

Make sure you use the correct products to keep your wig looking great.

For washing or styling your wigs, stay clear of items that have alcohol in them. The best option is to opt for products with Vitamin E. This is a product that, for the largest part, will prevent split ends. Additionally, they help ensure that your wig is healthy. At times it is possible to apply coconut oil to the hair, However, it should be done in very tiny quantities.

Make sure your wig is well-hydrated and well-conditioned.

As with hair, wigs require moisture, particularly when they’re made of human hair. Therefore, in order to ensure that your wig is in top condition, moisturize it. Be sure to treat it. Make use of high-end leave-in conditioners and moisturizers.

Use wide toothbrushes

Use wide toothbrushes

To comb your hair, employ a wide-tooth brush, or comb. Place it on its stand or grip it in your hand and gently comb it down. We recommend using a wide-toothed comb since it keeps the wig from shrinking or tensing because of split ends.

If you are styling your hair, you must start at the tips, and then work up and work your way to the roots. Don’t do it the other way around. It is important to note that a wig even if wet, shouldn’t be brush or combed. When it comes to natural hair-based wigs you can make use of a curling or straightening iron. It is possible to use them to style your hair in the way you like.

Always wear the hair with an under cap

Before you wear your wig, make sure you wear an under cap. The under-cap protects against bacterial infections. Additionally, it reduces any effects caused by sweating. In turn, the wig will not get dirty as quickly, which means it is able to spread out the time between washing.

No matter if your wig is synthetic or natural, it is important to ensure that you are using high-quality products for maintenance. Make sure to remove any dust prior to combing the hair. For this, brushes, fingers, or a comb with wide teeth are the best way to loosen the hair. Be aware that the appearance of your wig will depend on the attention you pay to it. Therefore, try to take good take care. If you’re not able to devote much time to do it, just call experts.


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