There are endless ways to style a wig. It is possible to tie it up, braid it, tie it in the shape of a ponytail or make a stylish style, or even pull it down. Although a wig offers you the flexibility to style it however you want, however, the actual process of styling is different from how you style your natural hair. However, don’t be concerned you can effortlessly make beautiful hairstyles with just the use of a few tricks and items specially designed specifically for hair wigs.

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a wig you’ll have to figure out the best way to style it in order to match your appearance. While some prefer to wear their wigs the way they are from the package, some prefer to alter their wigs to fit their individual style. In either case, you’ll require specific products in order to get an authentic look and preserve the beauty of your hair.

Unpacking your wig is a lot of anxiety. Even if you’ve seen the wig in person prior to when purchasing it, the sight of it placed on your head in the very first place could be quite jarring. Be aware that hairs require some manipulation to get an authentic look. This may vary from plucking to cutting, coloring, or styling

Not all wigs are created Equally

If you are buying a wig it is crucial to know that fact that some wigs are made of synthetic hair. They are usually more affordable, however, they cannot be modified to give you a natural appearance. The only way to alter the wigs is to smooth the curls or cut the wig in order to match the contour of your face. It is not possible to use heated hair styling tools for this hairstyle.

If you intend to wear your hair wig for a long duration or buy higher-quality hair, you should purchase human hair wigs. Human hair wigs are able to be straightened, curled or curled, or dyed according to the requirements of the customer.

Where to Begin when Making a Wig

How to Style a Wig

Although the internet offers many details about how to create a wig made of human hair the best first step is to get the right tools and equipment. You’ll need:

A wide-toothed comb

A paddle brush

Shampoo containing no sulfate.


Small scissors made of fabric

Hair-cutting scissors

Curling iron, or tool

Foundation (makeup) or Lace Tint

When styling these items use them with care and keep in mind the technique employed to create the hair wig. Hair is strung through the lacing to give a realistic appearance. If you abuse the wig, it can cause hair to fall out of the wig and cause hair loss spots.

One of the first steps to creating the perfect hairstyle is washing your hair. When you think about washing your wig, it’s essential to make use of a shampoo that is sulfate-free or specifically designed specifically for human hair wigs. This will increase the longevity of your wig and reduce wear and wear and tear.

The second step to achieving the perfect hairstyle is detangling the wig using an oversized paddle brush or comb. Begin at the hair’s ends and move up to the top of the hair, making sure every area is free of knots. The steady grip of your hand is an essential aspect of this procedure to prevent pulling hair strands out.

Do not style a human hair wig when it is wet. This could damage the structure of the wig and diminish its lifespan. Because you are wearing hair from a human You have the option of using a blow-dryer to reduce drying time. Be sure to ensure that your hairdryer is set at medium or low temperature to avoid damage from heat.

The most effective blow-drying methods include:

  1. Separate the hair into two sections. Cut the top layer from the high-end of the hair, and attach that layer to your crown leaving the lower layer unprotected.
  2. Begin drying the lower layer. – point the blow dryer’s nozzle towards the downward direction with the help of the brush. pull the hair tight.
  3. Unclip the top layer, then join it to the bottom layer.
  4. Dry the top layer with the same method as the bottom layer.
  5. Brushing your hair to direct hair downwards will aid in smoothing hair and creating shine.

When the wig has dried then it’s time to style and adjust it according to your preferences.

Perfect Part

How to Style a Wig

Once your wig has been cleaned and ready to go, it’s time to figure out how to style the style that is natural. The margin of error you have for creating a look that is not natural is millimeters.

When discussing the parts that are not lace-front, it is important to distinguish between lace-front wigs and 360-lace wigs. There’s a difference in the ways you can alter the parts and the lace.

A 360-lace frontal wig can let you split or divide the circumference of your frontal and create ponytail styles. Full-lace wigs can be styled in updos or can be used to make braids, plaits, and cornrows. Full-lace, also known as 360 wigs offers greater styling flexibility. Lace-front wigs, on the contrary, allow you to create a section that is only fixed to the bottom of the wig. It is common to manipulate the front parts of the wig to separate reasons. This is why lace front.

How to part of a Lace-Front Wig

Let’s begin by figuring out what to do with a lace front the wig.

Lace-front wigs permit the user to alter the hair just in at the back on the front of the hair. It is possible to create an area anyplace along one side of the wig, where the lace is stitched onto the structure. It’s best to begin your styling by choosing where you’d like to divide the wig in order to create an organic-looking piece.

The most important thing to think about prior to cutting the hairstyle is how you’ll plan to set it up. Do you intend to use glue or some other method to attach the wig and what style will best complement the natural hairline? It is possible to purchase an already-worn hair wig made of lace. They require less effort to create an authentic look from the packaging.

Certain wigs may require applying makeup foundation on the lace to replicate your hair and need you to pluck hair to make an appearance that is natural. Different parts may not be exactly the same. If you are accustomed to parting your hair, consider the length of your piece and the hair’s density on the side. Also, you will need to alter the lace to be a hairline that follows the front of your hair.

Set the wig on your head, and then adjust it. draw an outline of where you want the cut to be made off to the side of your wig using an eyeliner pencil. Finally, cut off the excess lace with the help of a small pair of scissors that are easy to maneuver. Keep in mind that you could always cut off more lace, but you are not able to put it back in after you have removed it.

How do you connect a 360-Lace Wig

360-lace wigs are more versatile in style. Because they are made by looping hair over the lace to make the whole wig, you are able to cut the wig wherever you like and wear cornrows and updos using these hair wigs. They are typically constructed from human hair and are colored, curled, or straightened to suit the needs of your hairstyle.

Full-lace, lace-front, or 360-lace wigs all require trimming the lace on the edges of the wig. You can also alter the part you want to make. Because full-lace wigs are available in various levels of density, which means that certain wigs are more full than others, you may have to alter the width of the wig by plucking hairs. You can then dye the part using foundation to match your scalp.

Remember that it is millimeters in length to work with. It is important to be steady and slow when it comes to adjusting your parts. Make sure to take your time when plucking hair, and remember that it is vital to adjust these settings when you’re wearing the hair. Don’t attempt this with a stand for the wig. This will lead to uneven and inconsistent results.

how to curl the curly

Keep in mind Human hair wigs are able to be cut and curled using irons or curling wands, however, just like normal hair, extreme heat may harm the hair of wigs made from human hair. The majority of wigs will be supplied with guidelines on the heat that the hair is able to withstand. It is recommended to adhere to these guidelines, however, an excellent guideline is to maintain an iron’s temperature between 200-300 degrees.

When you’ve got your hairstyle, you need to be aware of specific styling products. Hair spray can be used to maintain the look of your wig’s human hair Be cautious about using too many products on your hair wig. An accumulation of products could result in the wig becoming heavier and requiring more frequent washing. This can cause the hair to break down rapidly. Hair spray shouldn’t be applied to a synthetic hair wig.

There are a variety of looks you can choose from when curling your hair, the style you choose is yours to decide. Here’s a method for creating loose waves:

  1. Section hair is divided into equal portions of four.
  2. Begin by dividing One of the sections in front. break it up into four parts in such a way that each one of the smaller sections is approximately the size of a quarter.
  3. Pick some of the smaller pieces then wrap the section around the rod of your curling iron to keep it away of the front.
  4. Place the hair on the curling iron for between 5 to 7 minutes.
  5. Take the iron out of the way and place the curl in your palm and allow it to be cool, before letting it fall.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for the remaining hair on the hair wig.
  7. Get rid of curls by using your fingers to move through your hair until you have a loose curl.

The tough part is done So now is the perfect moment to be having fun. When you are designing a wig, it is important to can experiment with various styles. Try your wig in different styles. If you own a 360 full-lace wig you can try evening wear and hairstyles. Techniques for blow-drying and curling are good practice for all different kinds of wigs to make sure you’ve got the knowledge to extend the lifespan of your wig.

If you are unable to style your wig yourself, or if it is too complex, an expert stylist is an excellent alternative. A high-quality hairpiece is an investment worth safeguarding, and our professional stylists are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure you are looking great and extend the lifespan that your hair has. Hair installation and styling will be performed through one of the Mayvenn professionals when you purchase 3 bundles of hair.

There are many styles that you can choose from and all of them are made from high-quality hair. We also have bundle sets and you can browse hairstyles that include virgin straight, virgin loose waves, as well as colored virgin frontals. Find out which hairstyles you like the most


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