How to make a wig hat

If you have been infatuated with all kinds of animation characters, and if you also like cosplay, you must not miss this tutorial on how to make wigs and hats the next winter. This time, you can also make a warm and cute wig by yourself. Our slogan is: open your brain hole more ~! Geek reissues all kinds of hats with beautiful long hair that can make you change your “new face” without hurting your real hair. It can change all kinds of hairstyles at will with an electric rolling rod, which can be cut short, easy to take care of without trouble! You can also dye!

How to make a cap wig
cap wig

How to make a wig hat

People had the habit of wearing wigs for a long time. At first, it was an ornament for women in the upper class. It was added to the original hair to make it thicker and make a bun. With the change of the times and the development of science and technology, the production of wigs is becoming more and more perfect, with many varieties and styles.

Wig hat-making process

Required materials and requirements

  1. One sun hat, preferably with mesh for ventilation, which is not hot in summer. But don’t make the mesh too big, or you can see the scalp from the outside. If the mesh is large, a layer of black gauze can be lined from the inside of the hat.
  2. 1 ponytail wig with a random color.
  3. One e7000 adhesive, only a little is enough, and the rest can be used to repair clothes, shoes, etc.

Manufacturing method

  1. Apply glue on the inner side of the back edge of the hat, and the gluing width is consistent with the opening at the back of the hat. Fold the ponytail wig to the same width and stick it on. If you don’t need glue, you can sew it with a needle and thread. If you don’t have any hair at the back, you can’t wear a ponytail, otherwise, you won’t cover the back scalp. It can be made into a shawl style. Don’t fold the wig, spread it on both sides.
  1. Cut two strands of hair from the ponytail and make sideburns on both sides. Apply glue on the inside of the hat according to the position and size are shown in the figure, stick the sideburns, press them by hand for a few minutes, and then apply another layer of glue on the outside of the bonded hair to prevent scattering. When sticking, pay attention to leaving a small strand of hair behind. Don’t stick it, so it looks more real and natural. Sideburns effect after wearing.
  2. In order to reduce the weight of the ponytail, cut one-third to half of the hair from the inside of the ponytail, otherwise it will be too heavy. Finally, tie the wig into one.

In addition, it’s best to sew a belt on the hat. If not, you can remove one from other hats. Keep your hat away when you go out on a windy day. This kind of glue solidifies quickly, can stick firmly in a few minutes, is not afraid of water, and is flexible. After gluing, it’s best to put it in a ventilated place to let the glue continue to solidify and remove the smell of the glue at the same time.

As an ornament, a hat has existed for a long time. It not only has practical functions but also has many symbolic meanings, which are related to the background of the times.

You can also refer to this video

Hats in history

In ancient times, people did not have the ability to make exquisite hats, so they wrapped cloth towels around their heads. In the middle century, the church decreed that people should cover their hair, so many simple and clumsy hat types began to appear. In ancient China, hats also had status symbolic significance. In slave society, hats were first used only in the upper society to symbolize ruling power and noble status, which was called “crown”; During the spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period, ordinary people could only tie their hair with “scarves”.

After reading this tutorial on how to make wigs and hats, are you excited? Why don’t you start DIY and make some beautiful hair hats for this summer“ Pick up the “discarded” hat and make yourself the most popular hat to become the most handsome boy this summer? If you really don’t want to do it, you might as well come to us! We never give in to the so-called traditional hairstyle and play with the trend aesthetics to let you see yourself.

How to maintain your masterpiece

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