How To Cut a Short Sexy Bob

Bob is an easy coiffure that is straightforward to reduce and modify. This fashion is most customarily used on short, immediate hair. But you could have a bob reduction when you have lengthy or curly hair, too. As a coiffure, a bob reduce is straightforward to fashion and maintain. If you’re a bold domestic hair-cutter, you could reduce your hair right into a fundamental bob. You need to collect the essential resources so that you can reduce the bob well after which comply with some easy steps to get the bob look.

Gathering the Necessary Supplies

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  • Get good hair clippers.

  • If you decide to cut your hair at home, you should look for scissors that are made for hair and that are of high quality. You can find good scissors online or at beauty stores. Quality scissors make it easy for you to cut your hair at home. You should look for scissors that have a stainless steel blade and a sharp blade. Do not use kitchen scissors, household scissors, or garden shears as they may pull or damage your hair

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  • Buy a clipper and a razor.

  • You can find hair clippers online or at a beauty store. Get a good quality electric hair clipper as you will be using this tool to cut the strand. A hair razor is also useful for trimming the strand as it allows you to shape and cut your hair without having to make major cuts. Make sure the razor is sharp as a dull shave will dull it harder to use. You want thinning scissors that will remove volume while adding texture to the ends of your hair.
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  • Get a hair comb and hair ties.

  •  You will also need a hair comb and 3 hair ties. You can find these products online or in the beauty aisle of your local drugstore. The hair comb is going to help you create even sections of your hair for the cut. The hair ties will keep sections of hair out of the way as you cut.


Cut a Short Sexy Bob

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  • Confirm the style if someone else is cutting your hair.

  • If you are getting a friend to cut your hair into a bob, you should discuss the steps for the cut beforehand. You should also confirm the length and style you want for your hair before your friend starts cutting away. During the cut, you should also communicate with your friend and confirm that they are doing what you want with your hair. Let your friend know if the style is too long or if it needs to be tweaked so you end up with a bob you like.
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  • Wash and dry your hair.

  • You should start with clean, dry hair. Use your usual shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Then let it air dry or blow-dry. Dry hair makes it work. Don’t cut your hair too short, as wet hair can end up drying shorter than it looks.  It is especially important to dry your hair first if it is curly or wavy. Curly hair looks much longer when wet.  Before drying wet hair, be sure to use the comb to find the natural part. Finding your natural part is important if you want to part your hair to the side instead of the middle. You can find your natural part by running the comb over the front section of the hair so that the hair falls backward. Then gently push the hair forward with your hand. Your hair should fall towards its natural part. You can also determine its natural proportion by looking at which side of the head the hair usually splits on. You can then leave it on Bear. Stay in the middle of cutting your hair, making sure it is parted as desired.
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  • Divide your hair into 3 equal sections.

  • Use the comb to part your hair into 3 equal sections: 1 section on the back and 1 section on each side of your head. Secure all 3 sections with hair ties. Make sure that the back section is just above the neck. The headband should slide up and down easily at the back, so don’t tie it too tight.
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  • Cut off the back section with scissors.
  • You may need to use a hand mirror to see the ponytail when cutting your hair yourself. Move the ponytail up or down against your neck depending on how long you want the bob to be. If you want a shorter mane, move the ponytail further up. For a longer mane, move the ponytail down. Most of the highlights are on the shorter side so you can choose a shorter cut at the back.  Use the clipper to cut just below the back ponytail. You may need to slowly trim the top of your back ponytail to ensure an even cut, especially if you have thicker hair. You can use the clipper to trim the uneven hair under the back ponytail. When using the clipper on your own hair, be sure to hold the clipper firmly while cutting uneven hair. Try to achieve an even cut across the entire back ponytail so that the back part looks straight and even.
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  • Use the razor on the side panels.

  • Release the back ponytail when you’ve finished trimming. Then let go of the side ponytails. You should have a blunt, even cut on the back and longer sides. Then you take the hair. Razor and shape the side pieces until they are the length you want for the bob. For an aline look, you can keep the side parts a little longer than the back part. Pick up small sections of hair and run the razor through the underside of the hair in an upward motion. This will help trim and shape the hair so that it is at an even angle to the back of your hair. For a smoother look, use the razor to shape and cut the side parts to line up with the back part match. Run the razor through the bottom of your hair in an upward motion until it is cut along the back part.
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  • Add layers if you’d like.

  • If you want to add volume to your bob, you can add layers. This is great if you have thinner hair as you can go for layers to add body to your hair. You can avoid layers of hair so your hair doesn’t look too puffy or round. To add layers, use the hair comb to comb a section of hair on the side of the head towards the back of the head. Hair so that the ends are facing up and use the cutting scissors to cut the ends, pointing the scissors down and in as you trim. Don’t cut your hair straight as this will result in jagged ends. Continuing to do this on the sides and back of your hair, use scissors to cut the ends of the hair down and in. This creates layers in your hair that give your mane a fuller look.

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  • Blend the ends of your hair.

  • As a final touch, you should blend the ends of your hair so that your hair looks even and shiny. Mixing the ends also helps remove excessively long loose strands.  Pick up small sections of hair and run the razor through the ends of your hair in a downward-angled motion. This will help make the ends taper and look more blended. Do this around your head for the tips. It can help to spray your hair with a spray bottle to moisten it a bit when you cut it, especially if you have straight hair. This will help you achieve a cleaner, more even lines as you style your mane. For a smoother, more textured strand, use thinning scissors on the bottom 1 inch of your hair instead of a razor.



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