Hair Care:Prevent Hairpiece Odors(2021)

Imagine that you’re wearing your hairpiece, and suddenly you notice that there is a sour smell. You may not think about it until someone else points it out to you! The last thing you need is for your hairpiece to cause you to feel embarrassed. But don’t fret as long as you follow our correct hygiene and washing routines you’ll be able to tackle this issue head-on. ensure that you remain relaxed with your well-maintained hairpiece and grow into an expert in keeping your hairpiece in good condition.


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Washing & Hygiene

The most crucial factor for the scent and maintenance of your hair’s hygiene. It is essential to wash regularly your hairpiece in order to avoid unpleasant odors. The smoke from cigarettes, humidity sweat, sweat, product build-up, or even dust from everyday use could create unpleasant odors in the hair’s system. A proper washing routine and hygiene could help in preventing bad odors in the initial place.

It is equally important that you understand how to keep your hairpiece safe even when you’re not wearing it. It is essential to ensure that your hairpiece is dry prior to folding it up and putting it into the form of a packet or box. If you fail to dry your hair completely prior to packing it the hair will be left with a damp musty odor when you take it out of its storage. An easy and quick storage method is to place an air-dryer sheet inside your hairpiece prior to folding it into the shape of a box. This method allows you to have an entirely new hairpiece each time you utilize it. The importance of hygiene is to prevent odors from developing inside your hairpiece, thereby addressing problems before they even get started.

Ensuring All Growing Hair is Dry

Another way to stop bad smells is to ensure the hair you are growing is dry prior to putting it on your hairpiece. Placing your hairpiece over an accumulation of damp or wet hair can create an unpleasant smell. This is easily prevented by making sure that you are wearing dry hair. If you can avoid a musty smell at the beginning, you’ll be able to prevent bad odors from forming within the clean hair system.

In any event, we know that as time passes your hairpiece may begin to lose that fresh smell. However, don’t be concerned if you suspect you are experiencing this, we’ve some easy ways to get rid of the unpleasant smells that are present in your new hairpiece.

The Dryer Sheet Quick Fix

If you’re in a rush and you notice that your hairpiece that’s dirty has a foul odor then you need to grab the dryer sheets. Start by placing the hairpiece on the hanger and applying pressure while gently wiping the dryer sheet over the hairpiece. This releases scented particles throughout the hairpiece and maybe a great shine removal tool. Shake the wig out and brush it out to eliminate any particles that are not needed. Then you will have a fresh, clean hairpiece for two minutes.


The Baking Soda Miracle

bakingsoda apple vinegar great ingredients for hair system maintenance

Another suggestion… Bake Soda! It’s true, who would have thought of that? It’s incredible how many different uses baking soda can be utilized to accomplish. In this case, it is utilized to neutralize unpleasant scents and also as a softener to synthetic hair. It’s a double-edged sword! There are two options to incorporate this idea into your routine for maintaining your hairpiece You can either add one teaspoon of baking soda in your hair washing mix, or dilute a couple of teaspoons in your sink, and allow the hair system to soak for between 10 and 30 minutes. If you decide to go with the second option, make sure you wash the hair with cold water, making sure that any leftover chalky residue is eliminated. The hair that is dirty is a thing of the past. Do you want to get a little more imaginative? The next suggestion is to help you!


The Apple Cider Vinegar Solution

To eliminate any smell that remains following all of the above methods apple cider vinegar can be the most effective sole neutralizer! This solution not only helps remove the hairpiece from unpleasant smells, however, it also eliminates any chemical residues that might be present on your hair’s surface. All you need to do is put the apple cider vinegar in a basin that is filled with warm water and let your hairpiece soak. Then, you will begin to observe any residues left on your hair’s surface begin to disappear, leaving an extremely thin layer on the surface of your water. Then, you need to wash off your hair’s system and allow it to dry for about two hours. Once it’s completely dry, we suggest that you wash your hairpiece using shampoo and conditioner to remove any remaining vinegar smell. You’ll leave with a clean and fresh hairpiece and won’t need to think about your hair’s hygiene for the rest of your life.

These tips can help you prevent and eliminate odors in your hair! We’re sure that, after applying these tips and techniques, the smell of your hairpiece will become an era of the past and you’ll be comfortable to wear it again!

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